Expert editorial review will fuel your success

Expert editorial review will fuel your success



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Kind words from folks who trust
their work with Editype

Gerry Cervenka


Hi, I’m Gerry Cervenka, and I’m the face behind Editype. The publishing world has changed dramatically since I founded the company in 1989, but the core philosophy of Editype has remained consistent: personalized service and attention to detail.

All my clients have come to me through referrals. Often they bring challenges that others had not been able to solve. We’ll talk, review their current print or web products, and clarify their goals. I’ll ask lots of questions. When we both feel ready to start work, I’ll provide solutions.

Content review is Editype’s key to quality control. My editorial eye is focused on your content throughout production. I’ll spot inconsistencies and grammatical errors and provide suggestions for improvement. I’ll refer to your style guide for spelling, abbreviations, capitalizations — or create one based on your project.

After 30 years I still find that the most valuable facets of my work are listening carefully to each client’s needs and finding the best method to deliver their messages. Take a look at some of the comments sprinkled throughout this site that I’ve received from these wonderful people — I’m grateful to each of them for trusting me with their work.

If you’d like to bring a fresh eye to your communications efforts, or if you have a project that needs a steady hand to guide it, please take a moment and get in touch.


Editype can help you look your best in print and on the web. From content review to print and web design, you’ll benefit from 30+ years of communications experience.

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