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Communications solutions come in all shapes and sizes.

Why et cetera?

Why et cetera? Simple: Communications solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Editype has provided numerous ancillary services associated with print and web products. Browse some of these offerings below, and contact us if you’d like to discuss a project.

Web Service Accounts

  • Website design and development
    • Content management: review, schedule, and publish web content
    • SEO: add meta information to content to boost search engine rank
    • Social sharing: create customized extracts of web content for sharing on social media
    • Website health operations: manage software updates and site/database backups
    • Migrate websites between CMS platforms (e.g., Joomla!® to WordPress®)
  • Website hosting and management
    • Register and manage domain names
    • Setup DNS services
    • Obtain SSL certificates
    • Configure and manage mail server and email accounts
  • Website Support Services
    • Create mailing service accounts (e.g., Mailchimp®, Constant Contact®)
    • Setup and manage segmented mailing lists
    • Setup WooCommerce online stores and populate inventory variations
    • Setup PayPal accounts and create purchase buttons
    • Setup and manage Google Business, Google Analytics, and YouTube accounts
    • Setup and manage social media accounts
    • Setup and manage Zoom meetings and webinars
    • Setup and manage Eventbrite listings and events

Typesetting/Page Composition

  • Design and compose books, magazines, reports, directories, and more
  • Create document templates based on our design or client’s design
  • Compile detailed list of content queries for authors and editors
  • Prepare electronic files for print or web distribution
  • Convert and export final page files to Microsoft Word® or RTF formats
  • Create Microsoft Word® templates for exported content, including uniform style sheets for multi-author publications

Word Processing/File Conversions

  • Microsoft Word®: Troubleshoot and repair files; identify and correct footnote numbering and automatic outline errors
  • Legacy software: Recover and convert older word processing file formats (WordPerfect®, XyWrite) for use in latest software programs
  • File conversions: Capture, extract, and format content from HTML pages, PDFs, and databases
  • Style Sheets: Create custom Microsoft Word® style sheets for companies, multi-author books, or specialized use

Image Processing

  • Photos and Graphics: Optimize for print and web use
  • PDFs: Create interactive PDFs and apply security restrictions to prevent altering
  • PowerPoints: Convert presentations and code for web distribution, either as optimized PDFs or slideshows

Print Brokering

  • Draft printing specifications for books, magazines, posters, postcards, brochures
  • Obtain competitive bids from local, regional, or international printers
  • Review and markup proofs
  • Coordinate binding, warehousing, fulfillment, and delivery


  • Copyediting
  • Style editing
  • Formatting
  • Proofreading