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Sacred Mountains and Environmental Conservation

Sacred Mountains and Environmental Conservation
The Mountain Institute; United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization; United Nations Environment Programme; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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A report is more than just text, tables, and graphics: It’s your ambassador to the world. As such, it must reflect the spirit of your organization, and be attractive, informative, and persuasive.

That’s why Editype pays close attention to the language, statistics, and images presented in the reports we produce. Text is carefully reviewed at each stage of production. Tables and figures are checked to ensure accuracy. Photos are examined for unflattering background elements.

It’s Editype’s “outside eye” that makes the difference. We’re looking at content for the first time when it arrives for production. Errant content is identified, queried, and corrected before proofs are issued — saving time and money, and providing peace of mind.

eightyone january 2000
Stormwater Education Newsletter
Florida Stormwater Management Academy


Deadlines are sacred. Editype’s flexibility and deep skillsets give content creators a little more breathing room to meet them.

Scheduling is key to all of our projects. Newspapers, magazines, and newsletters usually have a greater sense of urgency than books or websites. Staying on top of the job is essential. We’ll work with you to make sure it's done on time.